Sunday, Nov. 29 at 7pm.
Book signing at Griffin Bay Bookstore in Friday Harbor, WA.


Seventeen Stories…and More

These absorbing stories (and the poems that are the “more” of the title) capture from boyhood through maturity the memories and thoughts that make a life, all variously recollected with humor, vivid imagery, and sensitivity. A pleasure to read again the author of Baja Dreaming.

D.K. Padilla

In Rod's prose and poetry you meet a quick-witted narrator whose sultry voice & whimsical attitude cleverly sinks the reader deep within the waters of life, purpose, love, & everyday challenges.

Brittany Toledo

Baja Dreaming: Stories from Another Time

Reading it, ("Night Wind") you brought anxiety to life, brought back memories, made cruising an intimate experience, and painted the sky across my mind. Thanks for writing that.

Janice Rott, long distance sailor, flautist, programmer.
Oriental, North Carolina

...Baja Dreaming...moves along very quickly, and the stories are dense and succinct.

George Braziller, Publisher
New York, New York.

...I just re-read them all and enjoyed them even more on the second reading, especially "Another View."

Mary Shroyer, of Marina de La Paz,
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Rod Kulbach rowing